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Carrying debt is stressful, and not being able to qualify for a loan to pay it off just leaves the weight on your shoulders.

A Climb Savings Loan allows you to focus on building your credit now! By recording positive payment history to the Credit Bureaus, you will be in a better position to qualify for a loan – plus you are building up your savings.

  • All Climb Savings Loans carry insurance from job loss, illness, disability or death. Your payments are protected should you face an unfortunate circumstance.
  • In many cases, Climb Savings Loans clients are even getting approved for financing after only being on the program a few months. Plus, our financing partners have strong relationships with many collection agencies and service providers so we can negotiate on your behalf to help reduce your debt when sourcing that loan for you.
  • To improve your credit score while in a Climb Savings Loan, it’s very important that you remain committed to making your payments on all your bills and debts owing. Do not add more debt to your credit cards and do not pursue any payday loans. This will only work against you and further hinder your credit score.

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